How It Works
Hire Qualified Candidates, Faster

We help you move prospects through the hiring funnel efficiently while providing candidates with a personalized experience.

Efficient Sourcing
Our experienced sourcers and recruiters are able to identify active and passive candidates by:
  • Accessing a Provided Target List
  • Advanced Boolean Searches
  • Sourcing New Candidates
Applicant Engagement
We pride ourselves for mastering a humanized approach to engaging talent in order to generate their interest for your open role. We do it through a multi-channel outreach:
  • SMS Text
  • Email
  • Phone
Screening and Assessment 
We assess candidates through a customized screening process to ensure they meet the requirements of your job description and then provide them a score for you to review.
  • Branded Landing Pages
  • Customized Pre-Screening Questions
  • Candidate Scoring
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Notes on the screened contacts
Simplified Delivery
We show our work with custom performance and insight reports.
  • Leads Contacted
  • Screening Performance
  • Downloadable Resume
  • Easy Export for ATS Insertion

A more efficient way to hire great talent.

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